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Micro Diamond Abrasive Tool Fabrication by Electroplating

Product miniaturization has become an established trend in manufacturing. As the size of components shrink, the ability to manufacture robust tools with utmost precision becomes increasingly important. Accurate and precise micro abrasive tools are essential for performing finishing operations such as grinding in the manufacture of micro components. This research is focused on fabrication of such a micro abrasive tool using the basics of electroplating.

The following Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image shows micro diamond abrasives deposited over tungsten substrate.


In this research, a tungsten rod of 0.5 mm diameter was used as a cathode in the ECM set-up. A nickel rod served as the anode, with Watts Bath being the electrolyte. Micro diamond grains of 2-4 microns were added to the electrolyte solution. Using pulsed plating, co-deposition of nickel and diamond on the tungsten substrate was achieved.

sem picture

Studies are under way to develop a mathematical model for the process and then optimize the involved parameters to achieve multilayer depositions of abrasive layers.

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