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by Will Hilton last modified 2012-08-01 15:40

Information regarding the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition.

Here are the rules for the 2012 IGVC competition: IGVC Rules 2012 V3 1 Dec 2011 - JL.pdf

Group Goals for 2012

  1. Make the robots operational.
  2. Everyone understand this year's competition's rules.
  3. Everyone learns how to drive the robot and enough about how it works to demonstrate it and talk about it for tour groups, etc.
  4. Everyone gets the opportunity to contribute to the code and the hardware.

Useful Documents:

Here is an example of a filled out IGVC registration form from 2012: 2012 IGVC Registration.pdf

Here is a example Design Presentation from 2012: IGVC_2012_Presentation.pptx

List of tools to bring to IGVC: IGVC Packing List.doc

Results (and grading rubric!) for the Design Competition: 2012 Design Group AA-UnivData.xls