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Design and Prototyping Projects

by Benson Isaac last modified 2012-05-04 17:59

The Center for Robotics Research aims to achieve research and education excellence by fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between College of Medicine and College of Engineering & Applied Science faculty. The center has been conducting design and prototyping projects for College of Medicine since 2010. The objective is two-fold:

1. Help faculty members from College of Medicine turn their ideas into design specifications or prototypes using the expertise of center’s faculty members and students.

2. Provide training and hands-on experience to engineering students

Highly motivated engineering students with outstanding intellectual capabilities are carefully selected and mentored by a team of engineering faculty members. The engineering faculty members work with College of Medicine faculty members to identify suitable design and prototyping projects. They then evaluate the projects and pair students with the projects based on their background and interest. These students work closely with College of Medicine faculty members to carry out these projects.

A project can be a design that needs to be prototyped, an idea that needs to be turned into an engineering design, implementation of a software program, or control of a hardware device. If you have such a need, faculty members at the Center for Robotics Research will work with you to evaluate the project scope, complexity, and duration. They will also identify students suitable for the project. Funding necessary for completing the project will be determined. It is the responsibility of the project sponsor to provide the funding. Intellectual properties resulted from the projects are governed by UC’s guidelines.

For more information please contact Profs. Sam Huang (, Manish Kumar (, or Dan Humpert (