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Aortic valve disease

  1. Paul AK, Effat MA, Paquin JJ, Narayanan A, Helmy TA, Arif I, Leesar MA, Banerjee RK.  Non-invasive Assessment of the Severity of Aortic Stenosis by Doppler Derived Aortic Valve Coefficient: A Retrospective Feasibility Study in Humans. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research, 2015, 8(2):177-191. Link
  2. Paul AK, Banerjee RK, Narayanan A, Effat MA, Paquin JJ.  Reducing the inconsistency between doppler and invasive measurements of the severity of aortic stenosis using aortic valve coefficient: A retrospective study in humans. J Computational Medicine, 2014, Article ID 419689, 6 pages.  Link


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