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Macro –fluidics & –heat transfer

The principle investigator for the heat transfer research in bio-crystal is Professor Michael J. Kazmierczak (Ph: (513) 556-0259; e-mail:  The BioFHM lab is assisting in this effort and is a resource to this study.  For further information, please contact Professor Kazmierczak.  


        In this ongoing research a laser or an x-ray beam is used to heat a bio-crystal that is immersed in uniform external flow. Temperature distributions as well as local and average convective heat transfer coefficients are being calculated in order to evaluate the efficacy of cooling the bio-crystal.  This research extend previous studies by: applying unique heat sources imposed by irradiating the bio-crystal with an intense x-ray energy beam; performing the conjugate heat transfer analysis in fluid and solid domain; and calculating the internal and surface temperature distribution. Absorption of the irradiation results in non-uniform heat generation, having an exponential spatial distribution of heat source. The limiting cases of heat source distribution are localized surface “laser” heating and a near uniform heat generation throughout the bio-crystal.  Results that are being investigated are: the maximum internal temperature, the local and average Nusselt numbers (Nu). The diameter of the source beam striking the bio-crystal is varied (small and large) without altering the incident power.  This results in a significant change in the magnitude of the maximum temperature and an increased variation in the internal local temperature distribution within the bio-crystal. A bio-crystal having a high thermal conductivity maintains itself at a near uniform temperature resulting in a nearly constant average Nu over the range of heat source variation. However as the thermal conductivity decreases, the temperature distribution becomes more distinctive resulting in larger variations in local and surface integrated heat transfer rate, Nu and maximum temperatures.


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