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NSF PRESS RELEASE - "The Longest Carbon Nanotubes You've Ever Seen"
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Nanoworld Researchers shatter World Records with Length of Carbon Nanotube Arrays
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Mark Schulz Becomes A fellow Of The American Academy Of Nanomedicine (AANM)
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Nano And Engineering
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Nanoworld Grows 4mm Long Patterend Carbon Nanotube Post
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Super Hydrophobicity Of Carbon Nanotubes
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Beating Cancer With Nanotechnology
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Nanotechnology Article In The Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper
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North Carolina A&T, Univ. of Pittsburgh, and Univ. of Cincinnati receive NSF ERC for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterial
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UC Nanoworld and Smart Materials and Devices Laboratories part of NSF ERC
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UC Spins Off A Nanotechnology Company
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Radio Interview With Dr. Mark Schulz Features University Of Cincinnati Research
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Dr. Vesselin Shanov Gives Invited Talk At Materials Science And Technology (MS&T) Conference
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Advances in Syntesis and Application of Carbon Nanotube Materials.pdf
SPIE Article On Nanotechnology - Powering Up Nanoparticles: Versatile Carbon Materials For Engineering And Medicine
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Spinning Carbon Nanotubes Spawns New Wireless Applications
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Radio Interview Features "Engineering In Medicine" Research
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Nanomedicine Book Released
Hands-On Courses Prepare Students for Careers in Nanotechnology
Two new cross-disciplinary courses developed through undergraduate education research at the University of Cincinnati provide hands-on experience to students interested in nanotechnology.
Junior High Students Tour Nanoworld Labs
Eighth graders from the Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Anderson Township learned about the nano-scale and toured Nanoworld's facilities.
2012 IHM School Visit News Article.pdf
Nanoworld Lab Group Debuts Newest Facilities Addition
Substrates and Nanomaterials Processing Lab marks sixth facility in the Nanoworld Lab Group.
581 Lab Debut Article.pdf
UC Summer Institute Students Spend a Week in the Nanoworld Labs
For five days in June 2012, twenty-one eighth through twelfth graders studied nanotechnology and its many applications in the UC Nanoworld Laboratories.
2012 Summer Institute News Article.pdf
Pilot Microfactory for Nanomedicine Devices to be Developed.pdf
Unique Laboratory to Build Nanomedicine Devices Under Development
The National Science Foundation (NSF), University of Cincinnati (UC), and State of Ohio are funding the development of a “Pilot Microfactory for Nanomedicine Devices.”
Nano Medicine Pilot Diagram
Dr. Schulz Publishes Perspectives Article in Journal Science
Nanoworld lab director Dr. Mark Schulz published a perspectives article titled 'Speeding Up Artificial Muscles' in the November 16, 2012 issue of the Journal Science.
High School Students Test Composite Materials at UC
Students from Hughes High School in Cincinnati came to UC as part of their composite materials design project.
Hughes School Visit Article.pdf
Nanoworld's Research Cited by the Society of Chemical Industry
Nanoworld Lab Director Dr. Mark Schulz was interviewed by the Society of Chemical Industry about the development of artificial muscles. An excerpt of the interview was published in the December 2012 issue of Chemistry & Industry Magazine.
UC Engineers in Nanospace
Through nanotechnology, UC is trailblazing and road-mapping innovation, translating discoveries to industry, and training a next generation workforce that will be in high demand.
Nanotube Superfiber Materials Book Released
Nanoworld Laboratories directors and researchers receive publication of third edited book.
New Class Introduces Students to the World of Engineering
The Engineering Foundations course in the Department of Engineering Education is designed to transform the undergraduate student experience and better prepare students for a future as engineers.
Engineering Foundations.pdf
Undergraduate Students Awarded for Nanotube Micro-cable Research
The American Institute of Chemical Engineers recognized UC Nanoworld undergraduate students Nicholas Kienzle and Timothy Ochmann for their work developing a carbon nanotube cable.
Undergraduate Reserach Award Article.pdf
Nanoworld Opens New Lab for Nanomedicine Research
Lab directors Dr. Shanov and Dr. Schulz debuted the newest facilities addition to the Nanoworld Lab Group, a Pilot Microfactory for Nanomedicine Devices.
587 Lab Debut Article.pdf
Two Nanoworld Researchers Awarded by AIAA
Nanoworld Post-Doctoral Scholar Noe Alvarez and Undergraduate Researcher Peter Miller received a 'Best Technical Presentation' award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).
Nano Engineering Minor Now Offered at UC
The College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) at UC has established a new undergraduate minor program, Nano Engineering.
Lab Directors Receive Faculty Award
Nanoworld Lab Directors Mark Schulz and Vesselin Shanov received the Established Entrepreneurial Achievement Award at the 2015 University of Cincinnati Faculty Awards Celebration.
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