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â–ºOpportunities for Study and Research at the University Of Cincinnati Nanoworld Laboratories

Undergraduate through PhD students, post-doctors, and visiting scholars work in the Nanoworld Labs.  The Nanoworld supports as many students as possible, but funding is limited. Some students may be supported by a research grant if funding is available, but others may choose to work without support or work at a part-time job to pay for their living expenses while performing research. Many students and post-doctors from around the world apply to the Nanoworld Labs. We strive to accept as many students as possible, but only a limited number can be supported.  Please see below for research and study opportunities in the Nanoworld Labs.


Graduate Research: Graduate students planning to undertake MS or Ph.D. studies at the University of Cincinnati must apply via the Graduate School for admission. The research and teaching in Nanoworld is very interdisciplinary and students with different backgrounds work in Nanoworld. However, degrees offered in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences based on research in Nanoworld are only in two Departments: the Department of Biomedical, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Nanotechnology Research Experiences for Undergraduates (nREU). Undergraduate students interested in working in Nanoworld may contact the directors below to inquire if there are openings. Nanoworld supports nanotechnology undergraduate research and there are a limited number of opportunities for undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Cincinnati to work in the research labs, typically 5-10 hrs/week during the semesters. Summer work is also possible. Students may be paid if funds are available and some students work without salary for experience.

Senior Design Projects. Nanoworld typically mentors a team of senior students working on a capstone design project in the area of Nanotechnology. Students interested can talk to their instructor in their design course, usually from the Mechanical Engineering Design Clinic course.

Internships. Nanoworld generally cannot provide internships due to the short time involved and funds are usually not available for internships. Occasionally an intern student can work in Nanoworld if they have outside support.

Post-doctoral Positions. Post-doctor positions become available periodically and would be advertised. Post-doctors typically are students that have graduated from UC or had previous experience in the Nanoworld Labs.

Visiting Scholars. Visiting scholars can apply to Nanoworld but must provide their own support. Scholars usually stay for one year and have joint publications and inventions with Nanoworld scientists.

Independent Study Courses. Nanoworld provides students the opportunity to take elective independent study courses. The format usually follows where the student performs a research study under the guidance of the faculty member and post-doctor. The student then prepares a final paper for possible publication.

Scholarship Opportunities for US Students. US students may consider applying for a scholarship to pay for graduate study. The scholarships are offered by different government agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, and others. Apply early, the NSF scholarship application is due beginning of November for starting graduate school the following fall (check current dates). Students with good academic records can discuss applying for scholarships from NSF or other government agencies and working in Nanoworld for their MS or PhD program. A letter from a faculty member is needed for the scholarship applications.


If you have any questions regarding opportunities in the Nanoworld Laboratories or the research performed in the labs, please contact one of the lab directors.

♦ Dr. Mark Schulz - Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering -

♦ Dr. Vesselin Shanov - Department of Biomedical, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering -


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