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Internal Collaborators & Nanotechnology Needs

Team working with Nanoworld Technology Need Nano-Solution
Zhongyun Dong, Oncology Hematology Detect cancer metastasis CNT active biosensor array in development, in vivo
Amit Bhattacharya, Nelson Watts, Environmental Health and Bone Center Measure bone vibration and bone turnover markers to identify osteoporosis Develop MEMS wearable wireless accelerometers, and biosensor for bone markers
Richard Komoroski, et al Center for Imaging Research Smart contrast agent to be tracked by MRI, deliver drug, sense, and provide therapy CNT functionalized with metal particles and possibly with drug release
Sarah Pixley, Cell Biology, Ed Grood BME Substrate to grow neuron stem cells and measure action potentials, tissue scaffold Electrically conductive CNT arrays, film
Kumar Vemaganti and Shawn Hunter, MINE/BME Use CNT to reinforce tissue Electrically conductive CNT arrays, film
Team working with Nanoworld Technology Need Nano-Solution
Mike Behbehani, Electrophysiology Patch clamping of biological cells Array nanotubes for parallel patch clamping
Micheal Privitera, Neurology and Epilepsy, and GSK Measure drug levels in epilepsy, neuron signals Use CNT array biosensor
Laura Conforti Measure intracellular communication between immuno T cells and diseased cells Use CNT array to measure membrane potential of two cells
Mario Zuccarelo, Vascular Neurosurgery Measure concentration of chemicals (ox) in veins in real time Biosensor needle to measure in vivo

Team working with SMNL Technology Need Nano-Solution
Jandro Abot, Aero Eng. for Navy, AF, Army Reinforce Composites CNT array reinforcement and dispersed in polymers
Industry, Boeing, Lockheed Martin Electrically conductive films Long nanotubes to make film



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