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About The Nanoworld Laboratories

Located on the west campus of the University of Cincinnati

The UC Nanoworld Laboratories are an interdepartmental research laboratory group which includes faculty from Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Aerospace Engineering and the UC Medical School. The labs develop innovative smart materials, sensors and devices by intersecting the various disciplines of science and engineering. The main concentration of research is in the Nanotechnology, Biomimetics, Composites and Smart Structures fields. The Nanoworld Laboratories are an exciting interdisciplinary experimental-theoretical learning environment for undergraduate through PhD level students.


The Nanoworld Laboratory Group is housed in the main campus of University of Cincinnati and is directed by Dr. Mark Schulz and Dr. Vesselin Shanov. The aim of the laboratory is to integrate different aspects of engineering and make a final product that could be put into practical use. The projects currently in progress at these laboratories includes a blend of aeronautical, mechanical, civil, electrical, material science and chemical engineering research. Students at this laboratory have an option of choosing courses from various fields of engineering to satisfy the completion of the projects that are in progress. Nanoworld is  part of the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Revolutionizing Metallic Biomaterials (ERC-RMB) - Website: The Nanoworld Lab Group is comprised of seven laboratories, each with a specific research focus.

NanoWorld Synthesis Laboratory

     414 Rhodes Hall

     Phone: (513) 556-4652

NanoDevices and Measurements Laboratory

     414B Rhodes Hall

Processing and Characterization Laboratory

     507 Rhodes Hall

Materials Processing Laboratory

     611A Rhodes Hall

Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory

     315 Engineering Research Center

Substrates and NanoMaterials Processing Laboratory

     581 Engineering Research Center

     Phone: (513) 556-4658

Pilot Microfactory Laboratory

     587 Engineering Research Center

     Phone: (513) 556-4658


Nanoworld Labs Graduate Student Office Suite

     401 Rhodes Hall

     Phone: (513) 556-0921

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