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Two CDS Lab Graduate Students win prestigious UC Graduate School and GSGA awards

Two CDS Lab Graduate Students win prestigious UC Graduate School and GSGA awards

Mr. Mohammadreza Radmanesh - left and Mr.Mohammad Sarim - right

March 12th.

Researchers at Cooperative Distributed Systems (CDS) Lab are engaged in working in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) modeling and control, path planning and optimization of autonomous systems, brain-inspired learning for robots, among various other interdisciplinary topics.

This year, Mohammad Sarim, a final year PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering, was selected for Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA)’s Graduate Student Award for Exemplary Scholarship in Physical Sciences and Engineering. Mr. Sarim has developed a brain-inspired navigation and localization solution for robots, integrated with memristive device models. This approach for learning in robots is a breakthrough in the field of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) which is one of the most challenging problems for robots operating in unknown environments. Mr. Sarim will defend his dissertation work this Spring and has already accepted a position with Aptiv which he will start in May 2018.

Mohammadreza Radmanesh, another PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, was selected for the prestigious Graduate School Dean’s Fellowship for the year 2018-19. Mr. Radmanesh has his MS degree from Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering in 2016 and after that he started working towards his second MS in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. For his PhD research, Mr. Radmanesh has been working on developing novel algorithms for solving the large-scale UAS path planning problems inspired by the analogy of fluid motion in porous medium. His work sets to solve the problem of UAS traffic management that will allow operations of a large number of UAS in a futuristic National Airspace System scenario where these UAS would be engaged in different applications such as package delivery, emergency response, and law enforcement.

Both Mr. Sarim and Mr. Radmanesh are PhD students working in CDS Lab under direction of Dr. Manish Kumar.