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Theses and Dissertations

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Frank M. Gerner


Ph.D. 1988      Interfacial Convection and Condensation


M.S.  1986      Effects of High Interfacial Shear Stress Due to Countercurrent Vapor Flow on Film Condensation Heat Transfer


B.S.   1984      Natural Convection in Rectangular Enclosures Fully Filled with Either a Fluid or Porous Medium


Ahmed Shuja (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 2007       Material and Processing Development Contributions Towards the Development of a MEMS Based Micro Loop Heat Pipe


Srinivas Parimi (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 2006      Coherent Porous Silicon Technology for Micro Loop Heat Pipes and Chromatography


Praveen Medis (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 2006      Development of Microfluidic Packaging Strategies, with Emphasis on the Development of a MEMS Based Micro Loop Heat Pipe


Praveen Arragattu (Graduate Student)

M.S. 2006       Optimal Solutions for Pressure Loss through the Top Cap of the Evaporator of a Micro Loop Heat Pipe


Priyanka Ponugoti (Graduate Student)

M..S. 2006      Study of Transient Behavior of the Evaporator of the Micro Loop Heat Pipe and Modifications to the Existing Global Model


Monika Sharma (Graduate Student)

M.S. 2005       Thin Film Evaporation in the Pores of Micro Loop Heat Pipe with Non-Uniform Heat Flux



Junwoo Suh (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 2005      The Planar Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) Based on the Coherent Porous Silicon Wick


Yuelei Yang      (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 2003      Investigation of the Dynamic Stability of the Liquid-Gas Interface in Micron Sized Pores


Mohammed Hamdan  (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 2003      Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) Modeling and Development by Utilizing Coherent Porous Silicon (CPS) Wicks


Junwoo Suh      (Graduate Student)

M.S. 2002       The Dynamic Characteristics of a Liquid-Gas Interface in Microscale Pores


Yuelei Yang      (Graduate Student)

M.S.    1999    A Drying Model of a Vibro-Separator


Bassam Badran (Graduate Student)

Ph.D.  1997     Testing and Verifying of Micro Heat Pipe Array


Padmaja Ramadas (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 1997      Exploration and Adaption of Silicon MEMS Technology for Development of Water, and Liquid Metal Based Micro Heat Pipes


Donald E. Bowdle (Graduate Student)

M.S.  1997      Thermal Design Code for Jet Engine Exhaust Systems


Jihad M. Albayyari (Graduate Student)

Ph.D.  1995     Tank Pressure Control Experiment and Theoretical Modeling


Badri Narayan (Graduate Student)

M.S.  1995      Microscale Flow Sensor


Scott Ma (Graduate Student)

Ph.D. 1992      Forced Convection From Microstructures


Marcelo N. DaSilva (Graduate Student)

M.S.   1994    Determining Thermal Properties of Paper


Padmaja Ramadas (Graduate Student)

M.S.   1993     Silicon Micromachined Heat Pipe Fabrication Technology for Electronic and Space Applications


Jon P. Longtin (Graduate Student)

M.S.   1991     Analysis and Testing of Micro Heat Pipes